When Death Occurs


The first steps to be taken when a death occurs are often the hardest for people to make. At Dunnett's Funeral Directors

we have experienced local staff on call at all times

  • To answer the telephone personally and advise you on the next step to take

  • To attend to moving the deceased from the place at which they have died to our rest rooms

  • To advise and guide you through funeral arrangements


Our advice to all families, is that when a death does occur they contact us immediately

With a funeral director available at all times to deal with any questions, or to begin making the necessary funeral arrangements when required. 
In many cases now when people pass away in hospital, it is not necessary for us to attend immediately, but our staff can give the helpful advice needed to put peoples minds at ease, and to ensure that the family are aware of everything which needs to be done. 
Our main telephone numbers, 01955 605678 and 01847 896888 are manned by local experienced funeral staff at all times


What to do when Death Occurs

There are key things you must do in the first few days after someone dies. Our advice is always to contact your funeral

director first


  • Arrange the funeral, where a funeral director is on hand to help

  • Obtain a medical certificate from a GP or hospital doctor.

      (You’ll need this to register the death).

  • Register the death. (You wil need to do this before the funeral   

      director can finalise any arrangements made).

  • Obtain Form 14 from the registrar and present to your funeral director so they can proceed with arrangements you have made.